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Lois L. McDonald

Lois became interested in art as a youngster when she would go out into the fields to draw the wildflowers. Her first exhibit brought her a First Place Award and since that point she has painted in almost every medium and won awards in all of those. A Colorist, with a good understanding of design and contrast, her paintings have gained the interest of a wide range of collectors from all over the world. Lois' life-long interest in art led her to study with many well-known artists. Leo Smith, Betty Braig and Jan Sitts have influenced her most strongly. Though still painting realistically at times, her vision has grown toward Abstraction, doing Layered pieces on boxed canvases. The layers of paper and paint lead you on a journey of discovery that is both interesting and exciting. Although many of Lois’ styles are represented, there is undeniably, a consistency in her technique that unifies her current body of work. Her compositions are bold and emotionally charged. One will find everything in her paintings, from streams to deep bodies of water, dreamy architectural ruins, clearly defined layers of earth, random spots of mystical looking forests, as well as intriguing light and color combinations.

Though I have painted in a realistic manner for most of my Professional career, I now have embraced a new venue. The wonderful journey that Layering takes me through is exciting, appealing and has endless discovery. It feeds my Creative Spirit in a very special way. When I begin a layered piece, each layer of paper, each brush stroke, adds another dimension that leads me to the finished piece. Some will be abstract, others non-representational. Because of my interest in Indian Spirit lore, you'll often see a Shaman form somewhere in the piece. This love affair with art has been a joy and a sustenance in my life.

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