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Doug Czor

From the time when I was about three years old, my favorite toy was modeling clay. I sold my first sculpture, a life-sized ceramic bust, at the age of sixteen. Among my ancestors, going back to the early 1800s, there are iron fabricators, a cinematographer, and oil painters. I was an artist and a scientist from the beginning. During my early years, I was building and flying balsa wood airplanes. I was totally fascinated with science, and everything in Nature. In High School, I began to use my free time on drawing and sculpture. Later during my career in Geologic Sciences, I was constantly sculpting and painting. Then after moving to New Mexico in 1985, I made the transition to full-time artist.
My art advocates the communication of ideas that emanates from the amalgamation of artistic & scientific creativity. Through artistic operations of abstraction and transformation, I craft Space Age materials into objects that speak to us about the existence of a spiritual realm. I also strive to bring forth metaphors of high ideals, making the spiritual journey, and finding the pathway up the mountain.
My favorite Space Age material is diffraction grating film. It is a hologram of a rainbow imprinted on mylar film, backed with vapor deposited aluminum. When stretched and adhered to surfaces it acts like a mirror, reflecting images with color distortions. The viewers motion in front of my mirrors activates the phenomenal shift in prismatic color by varying the angle from which the work is viewed. Choreographed by the moving body, unexpected dynamic allegiances emerge from the interaction between the color shifting mirror, and the constructed field. For me, this phenomenon of spectral transformation suggests an opening to a spiritual world, or crossover to a parallel universe. I also enjoy working with aircraft aluminum. In the sculpting with Space Age materials and tools, I somehow feel closer to the mysteries of the Universe, and that very large scale of events. Perhaps these works will one day satisfy my need to explore the unknown dimensions of our Universe.
My process involves study in art, science, and to some degree psychology in order to find a symbology that resonates with a feeling of self in relation to the universe. When I find those symbols like the window, I try to express an uplifting concept that inspires.
Humanity, I believe, is still in the process of development or creation. We are still children of the universe, and have perhaps millions of years yet to reach our zenith. On this road of life, I hope to provide some signpost that can remind travelers of our hopes for the future. Certainly, there is a place in the art world for all kinds of art and since there is already so much negativity in the world, why dwell in the darkness? I choose to remain in the light, and sculpt about the beauty of humanity in love with the universe.

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